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In an earlier LJ post I said I dared to feel the rekindling of hope that I would be employed again soon. I kept my language circumspect because I know that pride comes before the fall, but I feel I'm entitled now. He also said I was the top candidate for the position. *preens and puffs out furry chest in pride* It's only a casual IT support position, but I'm grateful to have something and getting a paw in the door is always a good start. Sorry for all the furry affectations in a work post; I am also on my way to RivFur so my head is in two places right now. He also said he will put my name down for a partner company so I could potentially share hours between them. Anyway, I am understandably very relieved to have a source of income again, and I don't start until Wednesday so I can go have fun at RivFur first.

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Most of you will know about Nuts the squirrel of course. One group in my workplace has gone Nutty in a big way, with the curious fellow popping up everywhere. When they got a new member, a workmate went so far as to create a set of special edition Nuts (from home) to decorate her workspace with.

He kindly lent them to me so you can see them too )
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Today is my last day at work bar one so my colleagues took me out to lunch. Simon went to the trouble of writing a poem for me. I was so touched I wanted to share it with you all.
Ode to Marko

Oh Marko it's been a while at OQPC
How many years have you helped?
It's been over 8 years I see...

We'll miss you, you know
as we go on with the show
and I say with regret
for we won't forget
your willing assistance
without complaint or indifference

We'll miss you, you know, how can we not
you cover the library, IT, admin - even LO work - that's a lot!
but enough about us and more about you
we wish you the best in what you will do
its a new chapter, with a new crew
although we'll be here any day of the week
don't look back you're on a winning streak

So don't forget us 'cos we won't forget you
remember the fun times as we remember you.
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I'm filling in for my boss at work, in the middle of a big project, while she goes to France. More money, but also more responsibility. I confessed to a colleague at work that I'm not enjoying myself. She berated me, saying I'll build up negativity and be even more miserable. And she's right, of course. I learnt from Pouch that it's all about attitude (or, in my case, rattitude) and my personal life's changed. So why can't I do the same in my professional life?
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I seem to be channelling my rat side more aggressively. I ignored my standing rule about not scavenging from rubbish bins and snaffled a bunch of grapes that some wastrel had dumped in an office bin after a function.
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[ profile] pappasj pointed out a legal librarian job for me on Mycareer. I told her I applied for it, but just for a bit of a giggle. I didn't really expect them to take my application seriously, as it was mostly just cutting and pasting from an earlier application with minimal editing. A few hours after I'd put it in, I was talking to someone on the phone about it. I was amazed. They really sounded interested in a tired old rat like me. I ended up not getting the job, but it sounded very close. They'd lined up an interview with me and everything. If I get that sort of response from a stray application, maybe I should shake off my relunctance to advertise myself and start taking this job hunting business seriously? I feel as if I'm stagnating in my current position. Perhaps I could follow [ profile] kiroo's example and spread my wings a little.


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