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After much thought, I have compromised and released a YouTube-friendly edit of Rattus Joins the Rat Race:

I know what I said before, but I want my videos to be seen. It was only one track that attracted the attention of the copyright trolls. This does however mean I can't rely on BeatPick for music. I did a random spot check of the artists on there, and many of them also showed up on I sent a message to Dhruva Aliman, explaining why I couldn't use his music on YouTube. If I don't hear any further I'll have to assume he put it up on friendlymusic himself.
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I found out about the HP You On You Project and decided on a whim to enter. I felt the competition's stipulation that you do not show your face fit in well with my passion for fursuiting and the introductory video made it look like quite a casual affair. I'd not have bothered if I'd taken the time to look at other people's submissions. By then I was committed so I carried on, although keenly aware how amateurish mine would look by comparison.

If you can find it among the competition's submissions, feel free to rate it up; not because it deserves it but because it's me. :)
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Yes, it's a new YouTube video featuring Rattus! In this one, everyone's favourite rat cooks up a treat in the kitchen; ratatouille. I owe a special thanks to [ profile] higgs_raccoon who made this video possible. He was the driving force behind it and did all the editing himself.

To those interested in having a go yourself (it's a very tasty recipe) you can find the recipe here. You do need a slow cooker to be able to cook it though.
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Eight months after doing my last Rattus video (not counting the nine-second Gmail submission), I have another video up on YouTube. ^_^ Rattus seems to be getting into doing self-improvement and educational videos. He's such a caring rat. Here, he's showing you how to recycle (with help from [ profile] ristin!).

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I've been blown away at the success of my YouTube submission to Gmail's collaborative video. Its popularity seems to have peaked on Monday when it got to be the second most viewed video on YouTube that day in the category of Film & Animation, beating all the other Gmail submissions. Comments were coming thick and fast, and I enjoyed deleting the spam posts and even an anti-furry troll. I think the troll took exception to his copy-and-paste opinion being deleted after only two minutes because the next day I found my rating had gone down to two stars after a sudden surge in the number of ratings. It's kind of funny to think that he has nothing better to do in his miserable life than make a series of alts on YouTube to pick on my video.

Gmail have put up a new set of featured videos and the furore seems to have died down, with the number of views now anemically creeping up toward 31,000. It's just something I did for a bit of fun and I had no idea it was going to have such an impact. If I had, I would have reshot it to make the M-velope more visible. All in all, I enjoyed my nine seconds of fame and I think it was well worth the half hour or so it took for preparation and filming. :)
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The first new video in... *counts on his claws and then gives up* a long long time!
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I'm probably going to get lampooned for this...

Gmail are doing a collaborative video showing the progress of an email. Rattus just had to get in on the act.

Thanks to [ profile] broc_dresdroth for handing me the cheese and message, and to [ profile] ristin for his camera work and excellent direction.

EDIT: Wow. Since it became a featured video, the view rate has really shot up. 9,532 views and still climbing! :o
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It appears Roophilia's movies are in more demand than I thought. I was browsing Google Video's stats page and I thought it told me that my movie of pretty-faced wallabies mating had been viewed 59 times. Meh. I looked again and realised that was the number of page views in the last day. Page views of the mating video in the last month was 1842, with my video showing flehmen in kangaroos coming a distant second at 365. It's the videos relating to sexuality that get the most hits, but you get that. (Strains of "The internet is for porn" running through my head.) It would be interesting to see where these hits are coming from and other tracking information as well as historical trends. Maybe that will come in a later release of Google Video?


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