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In an earlier LJ post I said I dared to feel the rekindling of hope that I would be employed again soon. I kept my language circumspect because I know that pride comes before the fall, but I feel I'm entitled now. He also said I was the top candidate for the position. *preens and puffs out furry chest in pride* It's only a casual IT support position, but I'm grateful to have something and getting a paw in the door is always a good start. Sorry for all the furry affectations in a work post; I am also on my way to RivFur so my head is in two places right now. He also said he will put my name down for a partner company so I could potentially share hours between them. Anyway, I am understandably very relieved to have a source of income again, and I don't start until Wednesday so I can go have fun at RivFur first.

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I'm still flailing about, but now FurFright is looking like a go. Who wants to see a rat at FF?

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A coroner finds a dingo took Azaria Chamberlain. That's not exactly news. Other coronial inquiries have found her innocent too. This one was meant to settle the issue of how Azaria died once and for all. It won't of course. Even decades after Lindy (the mother) dies, ignorant people will still spew the same nonsense, like, "Why was baby blood found in their car?" Easily answered though: "It wasn't. It was conclusively proven that the forensic evidence at the time was in error." That's a fact, but it doesn't matter. People are going to keep believing that, no matter what. Another example of how belief trumps facts. I don't know why it upsets me so much. I should just leave people to their fantasies. But a horrible tragedy befell that mother and the victim gets demonised for it. Is that fair? The exact same thing happened to Joanne Lees. Even I thought her guilty for a while. Maybe I'm trying to expurgate my guilt over my error? I don't know. Maybe I'm scared the same thing could happen to me one day, and I'll be thought a killer by many people for the rest of my life, no matter how conclusively I am exonerated.

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We're back and we're blown away! You need to attend this con! It was a well run con with a much more laid back feel than the other Australian con (though I'm glad we have the choice and I'll be attending both). It seems to have reached that con critical mass where you want to go because everyone else is going, thus making it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Unfortunately, growth comes at a price. They had to move hotels to cope with expanding but the new hotel didn't feel as welcoming as The Vibe, and they seemed to "forget" their promised discount rate for prebooking breakfast. The con space felt too small for the number of attendees. I would venture to suspect FurDU will look elsewhere for next year. It didn't feel as if they really wanted our business. Also, [ profile] ristin and I really missed not having a balcony on the Gold Coast (though admittedly we wouldn't have been able to make much use of it with all the rain).

This growth also hit the fursuit games. I really, really hate to say it (because I know I wouldn't make the grade) but they have too many fursuiters and will have to do something to get the number of players down to a manageable level, like holding semi-finals or running a raffle. It was fun, but there were just too many fursuiters (I made it worse of course by pushing my worthless carcass into it). I think they need to think of more games. The giant twister board named Get Knotted! (PG con!) was a good idea but letting ten fursuiters on at a time was still too crowded. I'm embarrassed to admit I knocked another fursuiter down during Grab the Bacon. I didn't see what I did myself of course, all I know is that I hurt my finger and he got the bacon anyway, so I hope he wasn't too upset over it. He didn't seem to be hurt, but I still feel bad about it. Rattus is really such a gentle rat by nature.

In a testimony to their clever planning, the rain cleared just in time for the fursuit beach walk. Not wanting to get sand in my suit, I wore Rattus as a partial. It's a lot easier and cooler suiting as a partial but I'm never pleased with how I look then. So I was quite bemused when a lifesaver insisted on getting a photo with me. He even pulled me out of a group photo for it. I played along because of the good work surfies do for the community. It's worth it to make him happy, even if it means I miss out on being in what I'm told will be the iconic group photo for FurDU 2012.

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You guys have been so very helpful to me culinary-wise that I it naturally occurred to me to turn to you for iPhone needs. Can any of you recommend a cooking app that will let me enter my own recipes and then create a combined shopping list if I select multiple recipes at once? Ideally it should also let me export the recipes as HTML or some other friendly format so I can print them out and cook from that (I don't fancy cooking from my iPhone) and put them up on my website.

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Merry Christmas all! For those of you who celebrate, I hope it will be a fulfilling and joyful festive season. But we should paws to consider the reason for our festivities.

On Christmas Eve evening, the Christmas Rat will scurry into your house and eat the crumbs you've left under your dinner table. If you've been good and leave nice crumbs (oatmeal cookies are a special favourite), he will leave a present for you under the table.

But what if you celebrate Yule instead of Christmas? The Yule Rat knows and he'll visit you that night. Leave him something nice, because Yule be sorry if you don't!

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I saw this plush in a coffee shop over the tip jar and it made me think of [ profile] harvardheinous:

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It's a chipmunk in a hoodie with a, er... Anzac pin jabbed in his head. :/

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Ick. I leave the country for six weeks and already it's going to the dogs? (No offence.) I've been seeing the sign below crop up on buses lately. Spitting has become such a problem on our buses that Brisbane Transport feels the need to remind passengers that it's not on?

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Were it to snow in Brisbane even during our deepest darkest winter, it would be a sure sign of the apocalypse. Not so in Denver. Even during summer you can find snow on the street.

Admittedly, this is the residue from a hail storm the night before (after having the summer sun on it for half a day o_O), but you can't expect Australians to make such fine distinctions. ;)

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Typical Queensland weather--we get a rainwater tank to do our bit to help Brisbane through the drought. It's never emptied since we got it, but this is the first time I've seen it flood right up to the rim!

(Um, shouldn't the tank outlet drain the water before it gets that high?)

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Here I am, waiting for the march to start. You should be here!

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Actually, I've been gay all along, but this is when I do my annual pilgrimage down to Sydney to celebrate all things gay at the Mardi Gras. I'm always a bit nervous before hand every year but the march is such a rush that it's all worthwhile. I don't expect this year to be any different.


Feb. 26th, 2009 07:50 pm
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I saw this sign and I just had to take a shot of it. I hope you'll excuse me for burdening you with it.

Um, what's a resisted office?

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