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  • The Kangaroo, by Barron Field. Taken from The New Oxford Book of Australian Verse.

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Updated a few new photos to Roophilia 2.0:
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As foreshadowed in my earlier Roophilia post, I am basically giving the old 1.0 website a rest. Breeding photos (if I take any again) may still go there, but otherwise new content will go to Roophilia 2.0. The old site was important in its day, but that day has passed. Putting it up on Flickr in fact gives it a new lease on life, because I will be able to throw stuff up much more quickly and easily in the future. At least that's the idea, so long as I don't get bogged down with descriptions and shuffling sets.
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Wow! Over two years since my last update. No wonder it took me a while to remember how to update it all and to repair the shell scripts that help to automate the process. But is it worth it? Updating Roophilia seems so clunky in the age of web 2.0, and its design does not fit the higher resolution photos I want to upload nowadays. Also, Roophilia does not get anything like the attention it did in the old days. I suppose I could make a Roophilia page on FaceBook and pimp for "likes" for it and either upload photos there (thus leaving behind my friends on LJ) or maybe devote a page on Flickr to it and notify my followers of updates in the usual manner (it would take me a while to fill 1TB). Either way, I would be effectively relinquishing possession of my photos (which is why I've been reluctant up till now) and any photos of a reproductive nature (or even too gory, as one photo arguably could be) would still have to go to the old site (which would stay up indefinitely as long as Bang keeps going. Thoughts, anyone?
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Before my birthday, my old camera (a FujiFilm Pinepix S3000) was starting to die, so my friends very kindly gave me money towards buying a new camera. I found that digital SLRs had gone down in price significantly, and with the money I got for my birthday it was now a viable option for me. As much as I love the convenience of digital, I missed my old SLR film-based camera, especially for the depth of focus it could give me. I bought a Pentax K100D Super, which came with two lenses, an 18-35mm and a 75-300mm. Another feature this camera gives me is the ability to do rapid fire photos, which will come in very handy when I'm shooting kangaroos for Roophilia. I've put up a couple of sample photos to show you what I mean about depth of focus.

Eastern grey kangaroo eating

Thank you so much to everyone who chipped in to make this possible!
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As a special treat for [ profile] rose_quoll:

  • A video of a northern quoll. (I recommend that you click the "watch in high quality" link to see it in full quollity.)

(Apologies to all the quolls out there for the choice of soundtrack. No slight was intended.)
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In other news, my Piclens shell script now handles additions to Roophilia automatically.
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I found this one quite by chance when I was showing [ profile] higgs_raccoon around Brisbane.
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In other news, I've been playing with PicLens and becoming very enthused with this new way of looking at photos online. So much so, I'm thinking about setting up an RSS feed of Roophilia's photos so Roophilia can join in the fun. I'll need to brush up on my shell scripting again first, though.
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Andrew emailed me out of the blue with a sneak peak at his latest sculpture, wanting me to put it up on Roophilia. I was so flattered he's my first update for 2008. In fact, my first update for over 7 months. It's not that I don't care about the website or kangaroos anymore; I don't feel I have anything to add photographically to the subject. If some new kangaroo public artwork showed up around Brisbane I'd certainly glom onto it for Roophilia.
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The first new video in... *counts on his claws and then gives up* a long long time!
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  • An extra photo of an Eastern grey kangaroo penis under Breeding and some general rearranging of that page. (The male and female genitalia pages are now at the top.)

Also, as a bonus, there's a silly photo for you on my Flickr account.
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(All these photos are from my and [ profile] ristin's trip to Australia Zoo a few days ago.)
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These are my best photos yet of a macropod suckling, including a good shot of the teat.
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  • I revised some of the first few photos of kangaroo penises under Breeding.
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  • An improved photo of the syndactylus claw and a close up of the primary claw of an eastern grey under Anatomy.

Still to come: If you're good, I might have some extra breeding photos soon.
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  • A wallaby which is part of a mural promoting conservation of our waterways. It was made possible by the Brisbane City Council Community grant scheme and the Burnett Swamp Creek 'FREECS', among others. The artists are listed as "Mikey Newman, Sonny Baker, Jason Wooward, and many local artists."
(I may put more photos up on my Flickr account if I feel up to going back. I went just as the light was failing so I didn't have a chance.)
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I have put up a somewhat improved version of the video of the Whiptail wallabies mating and I expect to revise most of the movies eventually. I will delete the older version when I'm happy that everything's working properly. (This is an excellent example of why, if anyone wanted to link to any of my movies, they would be much better off linking directly to Roophilia where I will keep the links up to date.)
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