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Click on the photo and it will take you to [ profile] higgs_raccoon's album of photos he took of us playing in the park behind the ConFurgence hotel this year.
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Rattus has had a facelift!
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This is from The Edge's Halloween party. I'm so glad I still got to celebrate Halloween even though I'm in Australia.

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I know many of you may just want to skip to the photos. The rest of you are welcome to peak at the many words under the cut.

Read about my ratty adventures here... )

So huge love goes out to Dustan, Loupy and Jes'ad for making and organising the best Mardi Gras yet!
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I am sore, subject to a myriad little aches, but elated. It is hard for me to explain how important Rattus is to me, how much he gives me every time I bring him to life. I didn't want to go in the morning. I had a bad case of stage fright, but I couldn't contemplate backing out when so many of you had donated so generously. I promised photos to prove I kept my side of the bargain and went in full suit:

Everyone who donated: You made this happen. I did it for you, and I'm so glad I did!

And thank you to [ profile] ristin who was by my side and made this possible. Although uncredited, many (maybe all) of those photos were taken by Ristin using Kidsune's and Boxer's cameras.
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By this time tomorrow, I expect I will have finished my 1.5km march in Rattus for the Million Paws Walk. Though I've done a walk of that length in fursuit before for Mardi Gras, it's not an easy trek and much will depend on Brisbane's weather (hope for a nice cool day!). Thankfully, plans are coming together and it looks like we will have a portable tent to change in and a van to stow our gear in, but I am still very grateful that I will have [ profile] ristin with me.

If anyone wants to make any last minute donations to give me an extra push out there, please go here:

All the money goes directly to the RSPCA. Thank you to everyone who's already given so generously and wish me well!
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Finally got around to uploading a few photos Ristin and I took at FurDU 2013. Hendikins took a lovely photo of Rattus and I at the mini-golf.

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Thanks to Pistolpup, I have a new video to share with you all.

Rattus towelling himself down after a bath

The idea for this video came about when a commenter on one of Rattus's cooking videos claimed that rats are disease-ridden animals. I wanted to rebut that hoary old chestnut by illustrating at least one rat's grooming routine.

I have embedded the YouTube video behind the cut for your convenience, but I recommend you go to my YouTube page so you can enjoy it in 1080i resolution.

Behind a cut to save your friends page... )

I also have it on Vimeo, but uploads to that are limited to 720.
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Rattus is back in the kitchen where he belongs! The third episode of Rats Can Cook! is up on YouTube for the first time in glorious HD and soon on Vimeo.

Behind the cut so as not to overwhelm your Friends page )

Grateful hugs go out to [ profile] higgs_raccoon for making this possible. And thanks to [ profile] pistolpup for loaning his penthouse and his time, helping to give this episode that extra touch of class (well, as much as you can expect with a rat in the kitchen), and to [ profile] ristin for being a Production Assistant.

You don't have to take notes; I have the recipe for Eggplant fettucine with pine nuts and basil online.
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After much thought, I have compromised and released a YouTube-friendly edit of Rattus Joins the Rat Race:

I know what I said before, but I want my videos to be seen. It was only one track that attracted the attention of the copyright trolls. This does however mean I can't rely on BeatPick for music. I did a random spot check of the artists on there, and many of them also showed up on I sent a message to Dhruva Aliman, explaining why I couldn't use his music on YouTube. If I don't hear any further I'll have to assume he put it up on friendlymusic himself.
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At long last Ive managed to upload some photos from Eurofurence 2011:

Eurofurence 2011

Thanks to everyone who made EF so memorable!

Hopefully I'll be able to show you photos from when all four rats went out later.

Next I hope to upload photos of Ziggy and Wiggy in front of the Eiffel Tower, but I'm waiting for my 3D glasses to arrive in the mail. (Don't worry, I'll include instructions on how to best view the 3D photos--I want these to be seen!)
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Last night I left my computer uploading a new Rattus video to YouTube, one I'd been working on since December last year and my first HD video of Rattus. Because I didn't want to give the copyright trolls any gristle to work with, I took care to only use music released under Creative Commons and to abide by any CC licensing requirements. But when I checked it this morning I found YouTube had content ID matched part (or all) of the soundtrack to Rumblefish. At first I thought YouTube's automated content matcher had made a mistake and I disputed the claim, but Harvard showed me different. Rumblefish was supposed to be a service letting small indie creators like myself add copyrighted music to their videos at a nominal cost, but they have been adding Creative Commons music to their catalogue which YouTube then picks up and overlays advertising on otherwise royalty-free videos to pay rumblefish's royalties (and no doubt claim a share of the advertising revenue themselves). This is the last straw. I will not be party to letting a third party make revenue from other creators' work without paying anything back or value adding in any way. Better creators than me have already deserted YouTube and I know I will not be the last. How many do they need to lose until they care? Google have a delicate balancing act to play with copyright holders, but in this case they slipped and missed the net. Creators release their work under Creative Commons for a reason: so it can be distributed as widely as possible. Rumblefish, whether intentionally or not, is restricting that without paying anything back.

In future, the most I will upload to YouTube are teasers directing viewers to my Vimeo account.
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Brand new Rattus video!

Rattus Joins the Rat Race from Marko T. Rat on Vimeo.

Note that I'm linking to the one on Vimeo. I uploaded it in parallel to both YouTube and Vimeo, but YouTube have slapped a content ID match from some group I've never heard of called rumblefish, even though I took care to only use Creative Commons music and abide by the CC rules. I've lodged a dispute with YouTube, but then I end up with this stupid message:

Your dispute is still awaiting a response from these content owners:
Entity: rumblefish Content Type: Sound Recording

Rumblefish may (or may not) own legitimate content, but they have nothing to do with my video and shouldn't be the ones who get to decide whether they do or not!
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[ profile] harvardheinous introduced me to a new iPhone app: RodentDraw. I tried using it to rodentify myself, with mixed results. But then I realised who would really look good rodentifed: Rattus!
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Last Christmas I told you about the Christmas Rat (aka the Yule Rat for those who celebrate Yule), but this Christmas I bear photos!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! Hope it's a good one.
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Rattus has (very deservedly) been immortalised in resin:

The original has pride of place in my home. This also marks the first time I have submitted anything to FurAffinity. This was made by the wonderful and talented [ profile] roxxychan, who is open for commissions if you want your own bundle of joy immortalised in this way.
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As promised, here is the footage from Channel 7 evening news from 12 December 2009 where you can catch a few seconds of Rattus doing his bit.

(I hope Channel 7 won't mind me posting this--they don't have this up online anywhere and I'm doing it as a web 2.0 equivalent of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings.)
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I am proud to present: Rattus Goes Shopping!

Rattus Goes Shopping was assembled from footage originally shot for
Alter Ego
, a new documentary about Second Life, which will air on SBS at 11:25pm on Monday the 14th of December 2009. [ profile] wolfie_rankin and I appear in it, but the documentary went in a different direction after this footage was shot and Rattus now appears in it only fleetingly. After this documentary and A Tail of Identity, I must seem like a media tart but I assure you it's not so. I was interviewed for
Alter Ego
over a year ago, and only after a lot of persuasion on the part of Wolfie. I'm glad I did though; the documentary presents Wolfie and I in a good light and it was a lot of fun dressing up for the cameras.
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Remy and Rattus cook up a treat in the kitchen. This photo shoot happened during my last visit to the US back in June/July when I had the good fortune to visit [ profile] nicodemusrat, who has built his own unofficial Remy. When I first saw Remy at FC last year I almost hyperventilated from the excitement! I was better able to contain myself this time and this photo shoot was the result.

Remy and Rattus
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[ profile] schnee's entry about cookies inspired me to post my own:

When you give a rat a cookie


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