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Updated a few new photos to Roophilia 2.0:
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As foreshadowed in my earlier Roophilia post, I am basically giving the old 1.0 website a rest. Breeding photos (if I take any again) may still go there, but otherwise new content will go to Roophilia 2.0. The old site was important in its day, but that day has passed. Putting it up on Flickr in fact gives it a new lease on life, because I will be able to throw stuff up much more quickly and easily in the future. At least that's the idea, so long as I don't get bogged down with descriptions and shuffling sets.
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Wow! Over two years since my last update. No wonder it took me a while to remember how to update it all and to repair the shell scripts that help to automate the process. But is it worth it? Updating Roophilia seems so clunky in the age of web 2.0, and its design does not fit the higher resolution photos I want to upload nowadays. Also, Roophilia does not get anything like the attention it did in the old days. I suppose I could make a Roophilia page on FaceBook and pimp for "likes" for it and either upload photos there (thus leaving behind my friends on LJ) or maybe devote a page on Flickr to it and notify my followers of updates in the usual manner (it would take me a while to fill 1TB). Either way, I would be effectively relinquishing possession of my photos (which is why I've been reluctant up till now) and any photos of a reproductive nature (or even too gory, as one photo arguably could be) would still have to go to the old site (which would stay up indefinitely as long as Bang keeps going. Thoughts, anyone?

The Base

Aug. 2nd, 2010 01:59 pm
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Some of you may recall that earlier this year I was excited about posing nude for Spencer Tunick's latest mass nude photo shoot. The photo has finally been released (contains tasteful nudity but still SFW--unless you work at Family First HQ). Nudity has always been very important to me so I was thrilled to participate in this historic event. I will be getting a print of the photo by late August.

Mr Tunick also took other photos in a theatre in the Opera House and I'm very keen to see those as I am front and centre in those photos (I leave nothing to the imagination). Unfortunately, those photos are reserved for a special exhibition so I'm not sure I will get to see them, much less share them.
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Just one more photo for the street art gallery:

From Street Art

I did spot a turtle (in a hidden location so hopefully he'll survive) but it was on one of the rare occasions when I didn't have my iPhone with me. Later, when my foot feels better, maybe I'll stalk the CBD and beyond with a real camera and see what I can find.
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Before my birthday, my old camera (a FujiFilm Pinepix S3000) was starting to die, so my friends very kindly gave me money towards buying a new camera. I found that digital SLRs had gone down in price significantly, and with the money I got for my birthday it was now a viable option for me. As much as I love the convenience of digital, I missed my old SLR film-based camera, especially for the depth of focus it could give me. I bought a Pentax K100D Super, which came with two lenses, an 18-35mm and a 75-300mm. Another feature this camera gives me is the ability to do rapid fire photos, which will come in very handy when I'm shooting kangaroos for Roophilia. I've put up a couple of sample photos to show you what I mean about depth of focus.

Eastern grey kangaroo eating

Thank you so much to everyone who chipped in to make this possible!

Con Photos

Jan. 30th, 2008 06:01 pm
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Here are my photos from Further Confusion 2008. Please enjoy. Of course, I don't have any photos of Rattus. If other people find some they want to share, please feel free. I didn't do meet and greet very much, but there should be plenty of me in the fursuit parade. Photos and videos of me in Furry Night Live will be much prized. I probably should have kept my make up from that so I could show off the good job I did with doing up Rattus as a zombie (much gratitude to Jagafeh and Peta for their assistance in this regard). False modesty aside, I think I was the most zombified fursuit among the extras for the Deanimator skit. Enormous kudos to [ profile] farraptor for all the work he put into making that skit such a success.

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Seeing as it's now Christmas in Australia, I thought I should do a post reluctantly acknowledging the fact and to wish those of you who celebrate a Merry Chrstimas/Summer/Winter solstice.

As my small contribution to Christmas cheer, here is a photo I took of a small plush rat I got for Christmas (thanks [ profile] jagafeh) investigating a paw print I found in bushland near my parents' house. The photo and this post was done on my new toy: an Asus Eee PC series subnotebook (It's small and cute: perfect for rats!) while I'm sitting on a log getting eaten my mosquitoes.

Image 00000

EDIT: I also have a photo of my Christmas rat posing on a huge ant hill I found soon after.
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(Sounds like a new super hero group.) I know, the only things I seem to talk about these days are politics and my fursuit. Hopefully there'll be more diversity after the election. I thought people might like to know that, in my vanity, I have submitted a couple of photos to the Duracell Powerpix Promotion. I can't point you directly to them, but at the time of writing if you click on the pull-down menu for sort gallery and choose "Newest" they are on Page 2 (it's nothing you haven't seen before). The photos they pick is based on votes from the general public and it doesn't look like you need a lot of votes to get into the running so I thought I might bring it to your attention. ;)
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I've decided to enter the 2007 Brisbane Lord Mayor's Photographic Awards and so I got [ profile] ristin to help me take some photos of Rattus recycling, in keeping with this year's theme of environmental responsibility (and also a nod to my video). I don't expect to win, but I get the joy of entering (it's free) and a shot at being one of the photos they'll showcase in their museum!

Rattus Recycling
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It just goes to show, even in this time of high inflation, there are still good deals on offer in the supermarket if you know where to find them.

Can't go past this offer. )
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As some of you may know, I took [ profile] felix_carni to Seaworld last week. Here are some photos from our adventures there, including polar bears fighting over [ profile] iceleron!

Dolphins at Seaworld
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I was trying to go for a particular shot which I never quite captured (it turns out if you take a balloon partially filled with water outside it breaks very quickly) but I still ended up with a lot of cute photos I could share with you.

Balloon play
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Because I haven't been able to find any photo sharing service I like as much as Flickr, I've bitten the bullet and resigned myself to having my photos divided and made a few new accounts there. I'm kicking them off by sharing photos from Binna Burra where Ristin and I went last weekend.

Rattus at Binna Burra

Binna Burra
(Including the long awaited return of Tristram the travel ferret!)

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"How would sir like it?"
"In a bucket!"

I've been very happy with Flickr up until now, but I seem to have come across a hitherto unknown limitation of Flickr: I can only have 200 photos in the photo stream on free accounts. The ones that fall off the end don't seem to be accessible at all. :( [ profile] wynther_knight suggested Photobucket which seems to have a 10,000 image limit, but I'm not entirely happy with it: It doesn't let me include captions except as part of a slideshow and I can't keep track of it as an archive or share it with the flexibility that Flickr gives me. (Yes, I know I'm fussy. ;) ) Does anyone know of another photo sharing service I could try out?

EDIT: How foolish of me. Of course, I already rely on Google for most of my digital life so why not let them do my photos for me too? There's now support for Mac OS so I have no excuse. I don't know yet if it will meet all my needs but if it has the Google brand on it it probably will. :)
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I hope the participants (one of whom I can identify as Barbary Lion) and the photographer don't mind me taking some liberties with one of the Mardi Gras photos. I was inspired by [ profile] blazger's funny photos to do one of my own.

Click here for photo )
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I enjoyed these photos and I hope you do too.

Car sticker R is for Rat
Car stickerR is for Rat
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Well, I had a good day handing out how-to-vote cards for the Greens. Everyone was nice to me, except for Family First who skulked a long way away from the rest of the party workers and only stayed for a few hours. I think we can confidently expect to trounce them in the vote. Vaguely angsty bit behind cut )

Anyway, I thought what better way to celebrate election day (for Queensland) than with a funny photo? When I saw this, I though it was just begging for a smart arse caption.
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[ profile] porsupah expressed an interest in seeing me in my work attire so I got [ profile] ristin to take a few photos of me before I head off to catch the bus. Why these could be of any interest to anyone else I have no idea.

Me heading off to work )


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