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This flyer gained top marks for presentation (a black envelope with a question mark on it). I was so intrigued I had to open it but I was so let down by what I saw that I had to share it here*: A typo on both sides.

The offending flyer... )

This seems to affirm my belief that I am needed as an advertising proof-reader, but am I really the only one who cares? If so, I would not only be superfluous, but actively resented.

* I think suggesting this is a clever ploy by Stephen to further spread his message using irritating little pedants like myself would be giving a real estate agent far too much credit.
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[ profile] pappasj pointed out a legal librarian job for me on Mycareer. I told her I applied for it, but just for a bit of a giggle. I didn't really expect them to take my application seriously, as it was mostly just cutting and pasting from an earlier application with minimal editing. A few hours after I'd put it in, I was talking to someone on the phone about it. I was amazed. They really sounded interested in a tired old rat like me. I ended up not getting the job, but it sounded very close. They'd lined up an interview with me and everything. If I get that sort of response from a stray application, maybe I should shake off my relunctance to advertise myself and start taking this job hunting business seriously? I feel as if I'm stagnating in my current position. Perhaps I could follow [ profile] kiroo's example and spread my wings a little.


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