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Brisbane got hit by a second storm this week and this time it managed to flood our downstairs room. This link will show you the damage and how it looks now. As bad as it is, it could have been a lot worse. My plush and Skippy, my kangaroo fursuit, were in the other room and are unhurt. The weather bureau predicts more storms this afternoon. Whatever it takes, we'll be ready.

In (probably) unrelated news, our telephone and internet connections have been down since yesterday. I'm typing this on the Eee using a mobile internet connection. Telstra are on it, but with all the storm damage it may take them a while to get to us. Just so you know why I'm not around much. All this and getting ready for MidFur too! No wonder I'm not a happy ratty.

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Thanks to everyone who helped make the denwarming of Westhaven the success it was. By way of appreciation, I've made a web gallery so you can see what you got up to there. (Like me, I'm sure some of you can't remember what happened on the night. ;) )
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Because some of you people seemed not to scroll down to the text where I assured everyone I was only joking, I thought I should post a photo that proves George is doing just fine, after some intensive water treatment and being moved to a shady spot. (I still don't want George indoors, because even though I like him and everything I'm not ready to move our relationship to the next level. George understands. He says he can wait.)

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The desk calendar says July 30-31, which you can just make out in the inset if you squint. Ristin is in shot so you know it's our plant I'm photographing. Of course, it's possible to forge that sort of thing, but I would remind my readers of Occam's razor.
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I've been told that the plant that [ profile] kendermouse and [ profile] scottish_neko gave us is actually a peace lilly, so we've been trying to give it some peace and quiet. But I'm worried that George is doing poorly. Do you think we should give him some more water?

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