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I survived another Mardi Gras and I had a great time while I was down there. I felt my performance was a bit "off" this year (as will be evidenced by the coverage of the furry float on Foxtel) but I had been sick only a few weeks earlier so I shouldn't be too hard on myself. There's always next year. Other than that, this was really a great Mardi Gras personally. Relatively low stress, and surrounded by lots of great furries.

We did quite well for media coverage this year. There was the Foxtel pay-per-view coverage of course where I heard we got 45 seconds. Unfortunately, that features me stumbling when the truck took off with a jerk. >_< I want to apologise to the whole Australian furry community for embarrassing them on national television. <makes plans to leave the country for a while>

Ahem, but better than that, we featured on the ABC's national TV report on the march! They've also put it up online for a limited time, just go to and search for Mardi Gras. The furry float appears very briefly at 1:25. Considering the length of the report and the number of floats, I think we did very well to appear at all.

[ profile] higgs_raccoon also pointed out a YouTube video that gives you a better view of this year's float.

And there are [ profile] hendikins's photos and he will hopefully have some video up later. I haven't had a chance to go through them all myself.

None of this would have been possible without the help of a lot of people. Most of all, Barbary for organising the whole thing and giving me a place to stay. You made this rat very comfortable. And there was also Lupie and Thakur and Dustan and Techfox and so many others who made the float the success it was. On a more personal note, I want to thank Lupie and Thakur for keeping me company when I was crashing at the after-party (the march plus dismantling the float proved to be a bit much for me) and to Barbary and his housemates Harley and Techfox and Yuumei for making me feel so welcome there. It was all of you who made this personally my best Mardi Gras ever. It's only a shame I didn't have Ristin to share it with me.
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There was an article on the front page of The Australian today about Kirby's plea to PM on spouse pension. Michael Kirby is a High Court judge of long standing who is due to retire soon and he argues that his spouse of 38 years is entitled to a pension on his death, the same as any other judges' spouses. Unfortunately, the federal government disagrees because he's gay. What struck me about this is his courage in making this a front page issue. He's certainly not doing it for the money--neither he nor his spouse need it. He's doing this on behalf of all the gay couples in Australia who are being discriminated against because of the lack of federal legal recognition of their relationships. He's raising this now in the hopes of making it an election issue, a federal election being due later this year. Perhaps he's hoping to goad the Labor Party into making a firm commitment on this issue? I'm not so hopeful--Kevin Rudd is a devout Christian who still thinks he can wean some Christian Right voters away from the Liberals. I can just imagine the tirade of abuse he'll get from people concerned about the loss of "family values", in fact just for fun I wrote one in my head that grew increasingly hysterical, and I expect to read letters in a similar vein in The Australian tomorrow.


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