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Rattus is back in the kitchen where he belongs! The third episode of Rats Can Cook! is up on YouTube for the first time in glorious HD and soon on Vimeo.

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Grateful hugs go out to [ profile] higgs_raccoon for making this possible. And thanks to [ profile] pistolpup for loaning his penthouse and his time, helping to give this episode that extra touch of class (well, as much as you can expect with a rat in the kitchen), and to [ profile] ristin for being a Production Assistant.

You don't have to take notes; I have the recipe for Eggplant fettucine with pine nuts and basil online.
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"They" were wrong. (Actually, the jury is still out on that.) [ profile] ristin wanted to double the slow cooker recipe Chunky Vegetable Chilli. As the vegetables piled in it was looking to me less likely that it would all fit. As you'll see from the photos we have made it--just--by scooping from the sides to the middle to take advantage of the curvature of the lid. Ristin is calling this a double win, but as you'll see from the recipe we still have to find room for zucchini and red capsicum. We're hoping the ingredients already in there will reduce as they cook. We have nine hours to go yet.

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Although it seems to offend some furries, [ profile] ristin and I enjoy vegetarian meals a few times a week. Also, I have a great love of American cooking, which is where a book like Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker by Robin Robertson comes in handy. This is very much an American cookbook and should have been marketed as such here; most of the recipes involve ingredients that are unheard of here and all of the measurements are in Imperial. Nonetheless, I've done my best to adapt the recipes for Australian conditions, and one that came out particularly well is Marko's Jambalaya. (It was originally called Veggie Jambalaya but any jambalaya worth its salt has to have chorizo sausage in it.) But I can't leave you this recipe without making a few observations about its ingredients:

Black-eyed peas: Other than a band, what are black-eyed peas? I've never seen them in the shops but I haven't yet given up hope of finding them in Australia. I replaced them with chickpeas and was very satisfied with the result.

Filé powder: I searched for this extensively online and came to the conclusion that the only way I can get this in Australia is by begging a friend to mail it to me (but see below under Old Bay Seasoning). It is only through the kindness of [ profile] guma_kawauso and [ profile] rally_fox that I have any hope of including this, but I know jambalaya isn't authentic without it.

Old Bay Seasoning: This actually is illegal in Australia. Not content to let market forces keep American ingredients out of this country, my nanny state had to go to the trouble of outlawing it. Not wanting to break the law, my only hope was to find a substitute: Bay Seasoning. (In looking this up, I found Gourmet Shopper also stocks filé powder, which I had missed in my searches earlier. Clearly what I said above was incorrect, but my gratitude to Guma and Rally still stands.) EDIT: It seems my information about quarantine may be out of date and you can actually get this by mail order here now.

Vegetarian sausage links: The original recipe called for vegetarian sausage links, but I couldn't insult a jambalaya like that. I'm a great fan of vegetarian cooking, but this kind of ingredient gives it a bad name, affirming the stereotype that you need meat substitutes to have a satisfying meal. In this case though, you can't have a jambalaya without Spanish chorizo sausages. Rats are proudly omnivorous!
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Some people asked for feedback if I found my dream cooking app, and I have. Handy Cookbook (don't let the Italian put you off--the app itself is in English) met all the requirements I listed in my earlier post and exceeded them. It lets me upload recipes to it through a handy web interface and even parses the text, trying to break the ingredients down into quantities, units and ingredients. It will then create a combined shopping list for me, though I note I need to standardise how I describe ingredients to get the most out of it. It has rightly garnered fulsome praise and is only A$2.49 from the iTunes Store.

If I can suggest improvements for a future version, it would be to let you double a recipe on the fly, and the ingredient parsing still needs some tweaking. Also, we've gotten heavily into slow cooker recipes, and it's kind of amusing to be listing the cooking time as being 480 minutes.

[ profile] rosequoll has also been checking out cooking apps and she recommended All My Recipes but I didn't pick that one because I couldn't tell if it would let me upload recipes from my desktop, but it looks like another very capable cooking app.

DISCLAIMER: The iTunes Store links I provided are to the Australian iTunes Store--I'm not sure how well they will work for US readers.
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Yes, it's true! The long-awaited sequel to Rats Can Cook! is here.

But I'll be honest with you: The ratings on the first episode tanked and it was a real struggle to get funding for a second episode. As it is, the producers ([ profile] higgs_raccoon and I) had to make do with a lower budget: No location shoots, fewer characters and a much less impressive kitchen. But it's still a great recipe, and something any furry living on their own can make with a few basic kitchen utensils.

And you can find the recipe here.
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Yes, it's a new YouTube video featuring Rattus! In this one, everyone's favourite rat cooks up a treat in the kitchen; ratatouille. I owe a special thanks to [ profile] higgs_raccoon who made this video possible. He was the driving force behind it and did all the editing himself.

To those interested in having a go yourself (it's a very tasty recipe) you can find the recipe here. You do need a slow cooker to be able to cook it though.
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It's a little known fact that your rat is a competent, but not skilled, cook. It's a useful survival strategy when the predators are feeling hungry. ;) So, for your amusement, I have put up a selection of my favourite recipes. I actually cooked Tuna Rice Bake (my favourite recipe) while I was in America, and it was well received. ^_^ (Thank you [ profile] scottish_neko and [ profile] kendermouse!)


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