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I found this delightful sculpture near the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, with a native water rat as the star. Good artwork should raise questions in the viewer's mind, such as "Why is the elephant on its head?" and "Why is there a native water rat calmly grooming itself?" Thankfully, the nearby plaque answered, a transcript of which is available here:

In The World Turns, Parekowhai casts a small native water rat, the kuril, in the role of hero. Along with the traditional Aboriginal custodians, the kuril is one of the caretakers of the land upon which the Gallery and this sculpture stand. Traditional Elder Uncle Des Sandy tells how the kuril is intrinsically linked to the mangroves that weave around the Kurilpa Point shoreline, which feed it and provide it with shelter, and that these trees, with their strong tentacle-like roots, are the source of nourishment for a diverse ecology. Here, the kuril is planted firmly on the ground, going about its business, even though it has shifted the world – represented by a large, upturned elephant – from its axis. The chair is an invitation to sit and contemplate this remarkable feat.

The World Turns reminds us that history is often recorded to highlight specific moments, but, as the world turns, there are many other stories – and these are central to our understanding of history.

From Street Art
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Look at this wonderful photo manipulation [ profile] roxxychan did for me as sort of an early Christmas present! Eee! It's already become my new background image at work.
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An octopus about to dine on a turtle:

From Street Art

I found this one in a relatively secluded spot that had managed to escape the predations of the less art-loving members of the Brisbane community. This is the last image I've seen of the current batch so unless the artist makes a fresh batch I think that will be it for now.
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I found this adorable mouse:

From Street Art

Judging from the state of him, he must have been hiding under my nose the whole time. At least, because he's so small and out of the way, he hasn't been ripped up like most of the others have been.
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Furry treasures from around the world. The mouse tea set I won at the Anthrocon 2009 auction and the three wise raccoons were a gift from [ profile] zelox_quo to [ profile] ristin.

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Just one more photo for the street art gallery:

From Street Art

I did spot a turtle (in a hidden location so hopefully he'll survive) but it was on one of the rare occasions when I didn't have my iPhone with me. Later, when my foot feels better, maybe I'll stalk the CBD and beyond with a real camera and see what I can find.
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Recently I've been seeing this artwork get pasted up around the streets of Brisbane and I thought it was cute enough that I should be sharing it with you guys. I will add to this gallery depending on what else I find while I'm out and about.

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[ profile] harvardheinous very kindly commissioned this artwork in commemoration of our visit to Disney World. The reference material was again Rattus in his lab coat, but as he very correctly pointed out, I carry the spirit of Rattus with me even on the rare occasions he doesn't physically follow.

Click here for double the rodent )

Gift art

Jul. 26th, 2009 12:06 pm
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It's time I made some sort of retrospective on my trip and so I start with the most important event first: The highlight of the whole trip for me was when [ profile] tarah_rosemoon gave me a con badge at Califur. I don't really know why. I think it was to thank me for wanting to have Rattus's photo taken with her in honour of her parody of Rats Can Cook. Tarah, it was my pleasure. I was so pleased to see you and Conejo there, especially when you came up and gave me this. I was moved almost to tears.

Tarah's con badge for me )

Also, at Coffee Night, which formed the tail end of RivFur (unfortunately the only official RivFur event I was up to attending), [ profile] kibaswiftpaw did this lovely sketch of me on a Coffee Club napkin:
Kiba's sketch )

Thank you, to the both of you. These gifts I do not take lightly.
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The talented and punctual DaldDumboRat has done a tail twirl commission for me. She's been doing them recently and I decided to get one in a moment of whimsy. I don't really know what use I'll have for it yet but it is kind of cute.
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Zelox did a charming comic of our visit. I felt privileged that we were the first furries he met in person. In spite of my cheeky title, both the night and the comic are SFW (though that may depend on your workplace):

In spite of his misgivings, he was a charming host throughout.
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And again! In an excess of generosity, [ profile] zelox_quo has once again blessed [ profile] ristin and I with another art piece, this one noting some raccoons' unfortunate propensity for playing in the garbage. (Yes, I know rats do that too; how else do you think I found Ristin?)

Click here for picture... )
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The wonderful [ profile] zelox_quo did a delightful drawing of [ profile] ristin and I. This came as a welcome surprise in my mailbox yesterday, and also proved to be the first trial run of the character description I posted a few days ago. Thank you, Zelox.

Cut to save your bandwidth, but SFW )
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Ristin asked for a reference drawing of me. I think he's commissioning a drawing that includes me in it. I don't like the idea of "locking" my image down like that, but I have taken the liberty of writing a very brief description of my character, while trying to give the artist as much leeway as possible. This self-image has evolved over time, starting with Haal Serkonov's description which first germinated back in 1995 and has since had fed into it aspects of the drawing Aldi did for me (since coloured by me and used as my default LJ icon) and of Rattus, both of which in turn were influenced by me.
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Locals may want to check out this new sculpture that appeared suddenly last week on the corner of Ann and Wharf Streets. It has no accompanying plaque to explain its presence, but presumably it is part of the Brisbane City Council's public art program.



Jul. 30th, 2006 12:12 pm
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Although many of you know me as the cute and fun-loving Marko the Rat, I also have an alt called Haal (nothing to do with the computer) who is not nearly so nice. Not so very long ago, I commissioned [ profile] quillblade to do a drawing of Haal. (Part payment for which was paying for her to go see the Tasmanian Devils up close with me at Australia Zoo. I'm a big fan of Tassie Devils, but didn't want to go on my own.)

Click here for image. )
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I revised the design on the LJ icon, letting me fit more into a tight space so I don't have to scale myself down quite so brutally. This had the unfortunate side effect of making my *ahem* tail appear smaller. It was a trade off between less tail and more rat. This time I do have a full sized version to show you. )

Had a good time at the furry BBQ thing. Thanks to Foxy for organising it.
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Some of you may have noticed I know have a shiny new default LJ icon. I was sorry to lose [ profile] rose_quoll's beautiful icon, but I felt it was time to put on a more friendly approachable public face on LiveJournal, what with my sporadic involvement in some furry communities and the importance of "networking" (Ghod, I hate that word) if I'm to fulfil my dream of attending an American furry con. Also, lacking artistic talent is no excuse not to showcase some of my own work. It was drawn by [ profile] aldi and I love it dearly, but it was coloured and laid out as an icon by me. (I'd love to show you a larger version but I very stupidly resized it before I saved it and quit Gimp.)

An unexpected surprise when trolling my friends list was a name badge for me, also by the gifted [ profile] rose_quoll. Eee! It will be just perfect when I go conning! (If I can get it colour printed somewhere.) Thank you Rose!

Name badge )
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I've coloured another one of [ profile] aldi's gorgeous drawings of Marko the Rat.

A worried ratty )
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Now that I'm developing more confidence in my colouring and I don't think I'm mutilating [ profile] aldi's artwork any more, I've coloured in another one of the icons he did for me way back when.

Click here for full sized version )


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