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ABC News interviewed them about their come back (fitting because they started on the ABC in the 90s). I got goosebumps when they started singing. But their songs have always been politically charged and this "we're back!" song was no exception. One line particularly struck me:
A pensioner, a cripple, and a human being!
Paul McDermott was singing and referring to the trio, with himself as the "human being". I thought it was a very revealing line about how we see people and label them. Tim ("Flacco") Livingston is a shoe in, but a well known comedian from the 90s in his own right and a long time collaborator so he fits right in. Presumably he used to be a pensioner (and I'm sure to some people's minds you never stop being one). Tim Ferguson is the "cripple". He is now confined to a wheelchair because of multiple sclerosis. Only Paul, even though he's being hampered by his grey hair, still makes the grade as a human being.

Like me, they're older now (duh!) and not afraid to face up to it in their show. I want to go see them when they tour Brisbane!

Date: 2016-05-02 03:47 pm (UTC)
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Regrettably, I'm presently unfamiliar with them, and feel I should remedy that. ^_^ Any suggestions for a good starting point?

I'm reminded of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, originally fronted by the inimitable Vivian Stanshall, who've been around since the 60s (I'm the Urban Spaceman might ring a bell, or perhaps the Monster Mash), and in 2014, visited the local theatre for a gig, which was as much fun as I'd expected. ^_^ A few months later, apparently seeing their tour doing well, they played a large London club, Coco's, which was absolutely packed. A few more months, and they were playing the O2 Arena in Greenwich. =:D


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